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About Us


Sh.p.k. " Sylka " was established in December 1991 with the merger of capital and labor brothers Hysen and Habab Sylka . At first it started with a retail merchant of time is spent on import of some items such as zinc wire , burnt wire for construction , nails and glass blocks . To gain experience in this regard is providing a market and its reputation firm that later resulted in the expansion of trade activity in manufacturing . In 1994 , respectively , in March of this year, it bought a machine for the manufacture of wire zinc mesh.
Like any production at the beginning with a lot of problems but it gradually eliminates the problems that arise for the training of workers , and for a short period time trained workers for first production that later will be those who will do the training of others workers.Company in 1996 makes the expansion of production with an item , then buys the machine for producing of nails with dimension of 12 to 100 mm , but market penetration by produce nails will be very difficult by not knowing the producers and the prohibition of authorities at the time that the private producers are exempted from customs duties. In 1997 done buying the third machine for producing of wire zinc mesh and this year will be a very successful year in business enterprise. In this year it built the building where the company “SYLKA” today conducts his activities.
In 2000 increase of production capacity for wire mesh with automatic machine and by enlarging the production assortment of nails with three other machine and one output "Wafios" and two other German Czech. Hoping that domestic production will finally have the support to persons who manage the economy we do all the pre-preparations one day run the full capacity of our products. In 2007, the company, presenting the need in the market, expands its production as beginning with Laminators wire and wire production of plasticized networks. Firm after the war started with four employees who were engaged in repairing the damaged equipment and the start-up in manufacturing, which later results in expanding the number of employees along with expanding production. The number of workers is still not at the level of workers necessary due to decommissioning of existing capacity.
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